9 Reasons Why You Should Visit Stockholm This Summer

Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden.

It encompasses 14 islands and more than 50 bridges on an extensive Baltic Sea.

It is one of the beautiful cities in the world, Stockholm city is home to the 13th-century storkyrkan Cathedral, the Nobel Museum, and a few other historic sites

A visit to Stockholm should be on your bucket list this summer because of the following:

Stockholm is a beautiful city

Stockholm is a city made up of bridges, ferries, boats and beautiful places giving it breathtaking views.

The beauty of the many canals and islands gives it a charm that is simply irresistible for any tourist; its simplicity is appealing too.

Beautiful island parks in the city

Just imagine a park on the island!

The Djurgarden island offers a breathtaking view with leafy green patches and plenty of walking and cycling trails and gardens; providing a refreshing and relaxing environment to tour the city.

Plenty of places offer rentals of road bikes and you can follow Rick Steves’ guide on where to cycle in the city.

On the island is the world famous and largest open air museum and the biggest outdoor exhibition as well as a lunar amusement park.

It is the most beautiful thing on the island; you cannot afford to miss such an experience on the island

The Pippi Longstocking

If visiting with young children, this is the ultimate experience for you.

With a museum dedicated to children literature, your kids will have an amazing experience.

The available literature is not limited to just children, if you are a book lover, you will find something.

Visiting the museum is unforgettable for the whole family

Its Viking history

As a history enthusiast, you will be treated to the fascinating Vasa Museum; at houses the traces of the city’s Viking history and the famous Vasa ship, which was the pride of the Swedish navy and sank on its maiden voyage with most of its crew.

The ship is the only one of its kind from the 17th century, whose restoration is said to have recovered 95 percent of its features.

The Stieg Larsson trail

This city is host to the famous characters from the Millennium book trilogy, including The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Now, if you are a lover of Larson writing; this is the most exciting thing for you as you will be able to walk the same trail with your favorite characters, how amazing is this!

Stockholm city is the home of history itself.

Excellent day trips

Stockholm city offers numerous convenient and short day trips to fantastic and historic sites that you should not miss out.

For instance, Stockholm city is just an hour flight from the historical town of Umea, the hometown of Stieg Larson, the famous writer of crime stories.

Therefore, if you wish to visit the historic town, it is very convenient.

This convenience will offer you a quick escapade from the capital for fun filled experience.

Off-the-grid convenience

Many tourists are looking for a place to just relax from the hustles and bustles of the city. 

Stockholm is, therefore, your ideal location if you wish to dash off to an off the grid location with a rural setting; from the city, you can catch a 90-minute train to Ockelbo, a haven for swimming, hiking, and an unforgettable hunting experience.

Have a fine dining experience.

If you want to experience a unique dining experience only offered by the Swedes, then here is your chance.

The friendly and dining experience is one of its kind is arranged in groups of ten, seated around the counter with the chef in the center, explaining the step by step procedure of what they are cooking, then followed by sharing of the dish and reviews about it.

How cool is this!

Just down the street is Linje Tio, a high-end bar that will provide you with the best location and a carefully crafted drink to wash down your meal.

A visit to the royal palace; Swedish style

If you are a lover of ancient historical residences, then you should visit Stockholm’s numerous palaces among them Gustav III’s state bedchamber, Oskar II’s writing room, and the redesigned King Carl Gustaf’s Jubilee Room; these places will give you a feel of the opulent lifestyle by its occupants

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