5 Cool Things For Tourists Do In Stockholm In January

Stockholm is the political, economic and cultural center of Sweden and the Nordic region.

The city boasts numerous attractions ranging from the beautiful islands in Lake Malaren overlooking the Baltic Sea to the imposing Kungliga Slotten palace, gothic churches and excellent restaurants.

The city is home to 3 World Heritage Sites, The Woodland Cemetery at Skogskyrkogarden, Brika and the Drottnigham Palace.

The city has an extensive public transportation system that includes trams, ferries, boat, buses and intercity trains.

A sightseeing tour by boat provides a perfect opportunity to visit various major spots in the city in style.

The largest airport in the country, Stockholm-Arlanda International Airport is located 25 miles north of Stockholm.

If you haven’t visited Sweden, but are enthusiastic about traveling, here are 5 attractions you are missing out on:

stockholm winter

1. Try Out Segway Stockholm City Tours

The segway or airwheel city tours are increasingly becoming one of the most preferred and cheapest ways to sightsee the 700 year old city.

You can tear into the heart of Stockholm on a 10 kilometer ride to see the best attractions the city has to offer with these new set of wheels.

Tour companies like Segway Stockholm Airwheel offer scheduled group tours and private tours around the city every single day when the weather is clear.

Stockholm city tours cost as little as €50 per person, starting from the meeting point at Valhallavagen 114.

2. Visit the Old City

The picturesque Old Town or Gamla Stan is the most mythical and legendary sight to visit in the whole of Stockholm.

The center has an historic center that tells a story of ancient events and activities that took place in the middle ages.

The other historical attractions to see and study in this magnificent neighborhood include the legend of St. George and the Dragon and The Stockholm Blood Band.

There are several tour companies in Stockholm that organize private and group tours to this historical neighborhood.

3. Enjoy White Christmas at Gallery Hantverket

Christmas markets are a must visit places in Stockholm during the festive season.

This is precisely the reason why your winter tour in Sweden will never be complete without visiting the popular Gallery Hantverket on Gotgatan 63, Soldermalm.

The gallery exhibits an amazing collection of art pieces made from various materials, including glass and ceramics.

There is also an amazing collection of sculptures and handicrafts that you can buy as memorabilia.

The gallery is open Tuesday to Friday from 11 am to 6 pm and during the weekends

4. Take Private Viking Tours

Take a guided tour to Viking archaeological sites and other places of great cultural importance to the Vikings.

If you are lucky, you might get an opportunity to wear a captivating Viking Helmet as you learn more about the Viking history dating back from the Ice age to the modern era.

Various tour companies, including Time Travel Tours organizes tour to various Viking sites around the capital and the outlying areas.

The tours are led by local guides who perfectly understand the stories of the Swedish Vikings.

5. Enjoy Stockholm Winter Tour

A visit to wintery Stockholm by boat is worth every second of your time, thanks to the abundant attractions you get to see along the way.

Tour guided boats offer an array of refreshments such as the classical hot mulled wine and meals that can be pre-ordered to keep you nourished as you make stops from one city quay to the other.

One of the companies that offers comprehensive winter tour packages in the city is Stromma.

The company has a combined winter tour by boat and bus service.

image attribution: By Soman (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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