5 Best Free Museums In Stockholm

Stockholm is an incredible city full of modern architecture and cultural monuments to see and explore.

However, it can also be an expensive city to visit due to its strong currency and healthy economy.

If you are on a budget, then one of the best ways to see the city’s cultural spot is to hit up one of the many free museums dotted throughout the Swedish capital.

This list will show you the best of Stockholm when it comes to exploring the city on a budget.

The Färgfabriken


The Center for Contemporary Art and Architecture is a great museum that overlooks the bay of the city.

You can take one of the many water taxi right to its front door.

It is also located near the old naval marina where you can see ancient ships used by the Swedish navy.

This museum is attached to an institute or school that is linked with events on the program to bring contemporary art and architecture to life.

It is a fun hands on museum where you can experience some of the best Swedish and international design.

This is great place to spend a few hours on a cold winter day. You can even grab lunch or a snack from the on-site cafe!

The Forum för levande historia

The Living History Forum is fabulous museum to start your free adventure through Stockholm.

You will explore the history of humanity from pre-history to modern times at this unique museum.

It is a sobering reminder of the world’s constant struggle to remain at peace.

Start your tour at this museum to get a glimpse at the Swedish interpretation of world events from a country that has remained steadfastly neutral in major world wars.

The Haga Parkmuseum

The Haga Park Museum is located in the lush park of Solna.

The park itself has many great monuments to visit such as the structures modeled after architecture from Turkey and China.

It also has the abandoned site of an unfinished castle near a lovely lake that is breathtaking in winter or summer.

The museum is easy to access on public transportation from the center of town.

The Etnografiska Museet

The Ethnographic Museum is located in the northern part of the city, but is easy to find with a local bus.

It houses a large selection of artifacts that documents Sweden’s influence on world issues.

In the summer, its darling tea house is open for the public to explore and get a taste of Japanese culture.

Stockholms Medeltidsmuseum

One of the coolest places to see for free is the Museum of Medieval Stockholm.

You can see how the capital looked centuries ago thanks to this museum housed in an underground cavern.

Here you can see ruins of an old fortress that made up the original foundations of the city.


This museum offers a revolving door of expos each season that feature on anything cultural from fashion photography to musical concerts.

This museum is a great place to unwind and see the latest things happening in the city’s burgeoning art market.

You will not want to miss the exhibitions as they change regularly which makes it an attractive option for those who will be visiting Sweden for an extended period of time.

As you can see, Stockholm has plenty of great places to visit when you do not have much money to spend. It is a great place to explore, but its winter weather means to cannot spend all of your time outdoors!

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