Must-Try Foods When You Visit Stockholm

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden that is known for its history and beauty.

While some tourists visit the region for a hands-on learning experience, others stop in just for the scenery.  

Stockholm does, after all, have fourteen islands and more than fifty bridges.

Regardless of whether you are visiting for business or pleasure, you have to eat.

Here are seven foods you must try while visiting Stockholm, Sweden.

1.) Swedish Pea Soup

There is no way that you can visit a historic town like Stockholm and not try Swedish pea soup.

The yellow delight is a cultural classic that many enjoy throughout the year.

Pea soup found its origins in the Middle Ages when times were simpler, and the world was a mystery.

The yellow mixture was an experiment that turned into a tradition in which descendants of Sweden take pride in today.

2.) Boiled and Mashed Carrots

Swedes recognize the orange vegetables as Rotmos when they are mixed and smashed together.

Some chefs combine carrots with salmon and potato mash to create a complete meal.

3.) Potato and Rutabaga

Those who are not fond of meat may forgo poultry for mashed potatoes and vegetables.

Potato and Rutabaga is a favored dish in Sweden because of its simplicity.

Nearly anyone can boil, mash, and add seasoning to make the dish their own.

Potato and Rutabaga may be considered by some as a poor man’s meal, but there is no way that you can leave Stockholm without trying this signature dish.

4.) Pickled Salmon

Pickles go a long way when you are in Sweden.

Not only can you enjoy the cucumbers by themselves but you can also use the juice when making meat.

Pickled salmon is one of those signature dishes that you should try first.

The unique taste of the dish will send a positive signal to your palette and set the tone for the culinary exploration ahead.

5.) Fish Balls

Also known as Fiskbullar or fiskeboller, fish balls in Sweden are usually purchased in a can and served with mashed potatoes or rice.

Some chefs also combine Fiskbullar with pasta, though such tradition is not as popular in Sweden.

Although popular in the region, fish balls are not exclusive to Sweden. Southeast Asia also uses the food creation in its dishes though the manner in which they are used differs from Swedish culinary practices.

6.) Swedish Pancakes

swedish pancakes

These are not your ordinary pancakes that are basic and boring.

Swedish pancakes are sweet delights served during breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Chefs are meticulous when preparing Swedish pancakes for dessert.

From rolling and stuffing the cakes to dressing them with a touch of powdered sugar, culinary artists have fun with the dish.

You must try this meal before leaving Stockholm.

7.) Crisp Bread

A snack that  Stockholm tourists may enjoy is crisp bread.

The dish, which mainly consists of rye flour, has been baked in central Sweden since 500 AD.

The rich history that the food dish has is one good reason to give it a try in Stockholm.

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