Fun Things To Do In Stockholm With Kids

If you have kids and are interested in a family vacation in Stockholm, you will be pleased because this is a kid-friendly area.

You and the kids will love the many indoor attractions and the abundance of outdoor spaces to laugh, play and enjoy. S

tockholm will not disappoint you or the kids.

You can count on Stockholm to deliver and provide for you and your family.

There is plenty of fun awaiting you in Stockholm.

Some Great Ideas


Traveling with children does not need to be hectic or chaotic when you come to Stockholm.

Everyone can have something to look forward to when you choose Stockholm for your family fun.

There is so much to do and see. You and your kids will not ever get bored with a few great ideas.

Include the following on your list of fun:

  • A trip to Tom Tits; enjoy spending a day exploring and experimenting. You and your kids will be thrilled with the many experiments in the halls of discovery. Exploring will be half the fun. Everyone will have a blast when they challenge all fears and allow their brains to go wild. Spark the imaginations with a visit to Tom Tits in Stockholm.
  • If you enjoy a free activity, try one of the many playgrounds. You may even find a playground filled with animals just waiting to be loved. The indoor and outdoor playgrounds are in abundance in Stockholm.
  • Exploring the land of Pippi Longstocking will be a marvelous adventure for the entire family. You and your kids will find Pippi’s land right at Junibacken. Exploring this world by train will be an adventure to treasure for years to come.
  • Grona Lund is filled with fun for everyone; This is a seaside amusement park. You’ll find more than 30 grand attractions. Amusement, stimulation and much more can be found at this park. There are plenty of schedules to choose from. The boat is a fantastic way to travel through the magnificent city.
  • A boat trip to cherish for years to come; water is plentiful in Stockholm. You can take the kids on a ferry or a boat to see the city. Allow the water breeze to provide an interesting view. Boats provide an exceptional way to enjoy the city. There are several schedules available to accommodate you and your kids. Enjoy the views of the islands as you glide through the gentle waters.
  • Aquaria; you and your kids will adore the tropical exhibits and the stunning ocean environments. The aquatic life is stunning to experience and enjoy. The tropical rainforests will delight your senses and inspire the whole family.
  • Enjoy and experience Skansen; this is an original open-air museum. This will be devoured on the beautiful 74 acres on a hilltop. Explore over 150 historic buildings. These are buildings that had been transported from different parts of the country. Enjoy a taste of variety and see the log cabins, grass-roofed cottages and the quaint shops. Old-fashioned and unique will be found in this space. You and your kids can enjoy a taste of the past.

The Fun Doesn’t End in Stockholm

If you are looking for fun and intrigue, you and your kids will have plenty of it in Stockholm.

This is a kid-friendly hot-spot waiting to welcome you.

Image By Holger.EllgaardOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

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