7 Best Things To Do In Stockholm In September

Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden, is an incredible place.

The city has an aura of peace despite its size.

You may visit Stockholm for business or pleasure.

Regardless, whenever you get some time they are many incredible activities in which to partake.

The following list highlights seven of the activities someone may do in September.

1.    Walk in Gamla Stan

stockholm view from above

Gamla Stan means ‘Old Town.’ It is believed to be the oldest town in Sweden and is where town life began in the country at around the 13th Century.

The streets are as narrow as 90cm in the town. It is located on the island of Stadsholmen.

There is a lot of medieval architecture in the town.

There are many souvenir shops in the Old Town, and one can get a feel of the country’s culture by visiting this place.  

The Stockholm Cathedral, the Nobel Museum, and the Royal Palace can all be found here.

2.    Go dancing

Stockholm has a vibrant nightlife, to say the least.

There are plenty of bars and clubs in Stockholm.

There is Berns, which is a multi-floor nightclub and Trädgården which is also a multi-floor nightclub located under a bridge.

Sweden has some of the world’s best house producers and DJs including Avicii, Sebastian Ingrosso, Alesso, and Axwell.  

Many up and coming DJs hold concerts and perform in nightclubs all over the city.

Most clubs will close at 1 a.m on weekdays but on the weekend you can dance till 5 a.m in the morning.

3.    Boat trip

Stockholm is a city made up of about 14 islands.

The best way to get a view of the city is by boat.

The sea flows through the city like blood through the body’s veins.

Sightseeing in this fashion especially during September will expose you to amazing sights.

You can rent a summer house on different islands and travel to the city every day by boat.

It makes for a hell of a commute.

There are boat trips to pass under the bridges of Stockholm or you can get Hop-on and hop-off tickets.

You can also take a smaller boat to tour the canals of the city.

You can stop over at any of the thousands of islands surrounding the city.

4.   Visit the Moderna Museet

Moderna Museet means the modern art museum.

The museum has some of the beast of the last century and this century.

Some of the items in the museum’s collection date back as far as 1840.

The museum has a great history, and it is interesting to get the feel of the museum once you are inside.

Some of the artists whose work is contained in the Moderna Museet is the famous Picasso, Derkert, Dali and even Matisse.

The building’s architecture is superb and was designed by Spaniard Rafael Moneo.

The museum has guided tours and on Friday they offer free entrance as from 1800hrs to 2000hrs.

5.    Visit Parks and Gardens

Stockholm magnificently manages to preserve some of its natural beauty despite being a very modern city.

There are many places where you can bear witness to the city’s natural essence.

There are parks such as the Royal National City Park which has a forest with plenty of animals like deer, moose, foxes and beautiful birds.

There is also Hellasgården, a nature reserve with a lake and a vast expanse of forest.

The reserve is peaceful and has massive old trees.

There are walking, running and cycling trails for whoever would like to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

6.    Visit the King’s Residence

The King’s Palace in Stockholm is one of the largest palaces in Europe.

It has over 600 rooms, and it could take you an entire day to tour half of them i.e. the most fascinating among them.

The palace functions as the Royal Office making it one of the biggest offices in the World.

The palace has five museums including a Royal coin collection.

It also has the Royal Armory.

The armory has incredible carriages and costumes.

At the palace, you can catch a glimpse of how massive and impressive the Swedish Empire once was.

The castle also houses a museum of crowns.

You will see huge gems and priceless metal crowns worn by previous Kings and Queens.

7.    Visit the Vasa Museum

The Vasa Museum houses the Vasa battleship that sank during its maiden voyage.

The design and size of the ship, given that it was built in the 15th Century, is quite astounding.

Though the ship has been restored about 95 percent of the ship is made from its original material.

The Vasa Museum is the most visited the museum in the country and deserves that acclaim.

Upon setting your eyes on the ship, you will marvel, and you will slightly lose your breath.

You can make it a family affair as entry is free for anyone under the age of 18.

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