7 Best Things to Do In Stockholm in November

Sweden’s capital is a vibrant city with many individual island districts that present something for every person.

The City plans to give modern art reinforced shows, exciting nightlife, and historic village sporting events this November.

You can achieve a lot of things depending on your stay in Stockholm.

You can visit the Fotografiska (The Swedish Museum of Photography), Stockholm Royal Palace, Moderna Museet (Museum of Modern Art), Drottningholm Palace, Vasa Museum, Skansen, or the Stockholm City Hall.

1. Trip to the Stockholm Royal Palace

You can visit the King of Sweden official residence that has up to six hundred rooms with Italian eighteenth-century Baroque styles while in the Sweden capital.

You may consider touring the beautiful reception interior rooms like the Chivalry Orders Halls, Rikssalen, and the Ordenssalarna.

You may also witness the Palace’s Treasury, the Gustav III’s Museum of Antiquities, or even the Tre Kronor Museum.

You can also voyage the Royal Palace’s Armory that has excellent Royal Stable coaches, coronation carriages, high armor, as well as costumes.

Ensure you witness the daily parade and change of the Palace Royal Guards while visiting the Palace.

2. Tour to the Modern Art Museum/Moderna Museet

You can also visit Moderna Museet, the leading modern art museum in Stockholm.

The Moderna Museet, found on Skeppsholmen, is a forty-five minutes walk from the King’s Garden. You may also take the commuter buses as the most convenient alternative.

The museum is endowed with masterpiece drives from all over the world including, Matisse, Dali, and Picasso works.

At the Moderna Museet, you will also find contemporary Swedish artistry and other European master’s work.

You can scan through the numerous artwork collections.

Ensure you first stop by the fourth-floor displays that have Early Modernism exhibition works of Wassily Kandinsky and Edvard Munch.

Take your time to witness the Museum’s 1970s Post-War Era shows that cover the expressionism and pop art periods.

These Apollo displays are the works of Robert Rauschenberg’s Monogram and Henri Matisse.

Observe the Contemporary and Minimalism exhibition sculpture displays from Barbara Kruger and Eva Hesse.

Make sure you do not miss out on the Le Jardin and Henri Matisse paintings.

You may also enjoy complimentary Sunday Family events where art educators take you through guided trips around the exhibition stands.

The tours are followed by an opportunity to do painting at the museum paint workshops.

You can later enjoy meals at the museum restaurant; with its cuisine influenced by the Swedish Malin Söderström television chef.

The dining section offers lovely city views, Östermalm, and Djurgården districts.

3. Trip to the Drottningholm Palace

Drottningholm palace

Consider Drottningholm day tours and experience the highest standard historical, social environment.

Experience the Palace’s equally majestic medieval park, salon, and a different Chinese Pavilion palace theater.

You get to witness the grand Baroque garden imposes laid out during the prehistoric period.

You also get to behold the most preserved regular basis original stage machinery at the theater.

The park, palace, and theater are always open for you to experience the magnificence of the royal private family rooms in the Southern mansion.

4. Tour to the Vasa Museum

It is the only seventeenth-century preserved ship art treasure.

Witness the spectacular ship’s triple masts on the outside roof that resembles the ship’s original masts.

Be part of the various exhibitions around the ship that give further guides about the ship’s onboard life.

Enjoy meals at the Museum’s well-stocked restaurant and shops as you watch the Vasa film.

5. The Skansen Open-Air Museum Sport Event

Skansen presents you with the oldest open-air museum.

This is where you can enjoy the views of Scandinavian native Stockholm zoo animals.

You can also experience its spectacular sporting events, Midsummer Swedish traditions, Lucia, and the Walpurgis Night.

Take your day out and observe the multiple farm animal dwellings assembled from across the world.

6. Visit to the City Hall

Paying the Stockholm City Hall a visit is the most fabulous thing you can do in Stockholm.

Witness its magnificent triple golden crowns and silhouettes.

Take a tour through its fantastic politician and official offices that are full of uniquely assembled artworks.

Observe and be part of its unique shops that feature created souvenirs.

7. The Fotografiska Art Gallery Exhibition

The Fotografiska is the largest collection of modern photography.

You can visit its uniquely significant exhibitions that present you with the unbelievable photo galleries.

You can also acquire souvenirs at its shops.

The Swedish capital city is full of events this November.

Apart from just taking tours and visits to some of its most fabulous destinations, you get a share in artistic illumination, Joining Stockholm Nobility, entering medieval Stockholm, buying Swedish designs, and picking up modern Swedish art.

The city has a lot of activities and events this November. Hence, it presents something for everyone regardless of age.

Image by Sxenko at English Wikipedia, CC BY 2.5, Link

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